Workshops are available for groups that are interested in learning the basic knowledge, understanding and skill of foam roller exercises.

Workshops are available for on-site venues. To book a workshop, contact the Roll Release Education Centre. Information on the number of attendees, fitness level, location, venue, space available, equipment available, and anatomical knowledge will be required. Additional information relevant to the seminar is appreciated. Please contact for an on-site fee schedule.

Workshops are generally 1-2 hours in duration and will be a basic overview of rolling. The number of group attendees is limited to 20. The attendance fee will vary on the workshop duration, information covered and location.

For select groups, the material covered will be information that is most relevant to the group (i.e. a running group will be educated on lower extremity rolling). Bookings should be scheduled with more than one months notice. However, arrangements can be made with at least one weeks notice prior to the workshop but instructor availability can not be guaranteed.