About the Seminars

Roll Release™ offers a series of educational courses to instruct any individual on foam roller myofascial release techniques and routines. The Roll Release™ Techniques courses come in the form of certifications, instruction seminars and educational workshops.

The Roll Release™ Techniques education is a divided into a series of courses (certifications & seminars): theory 1 (basic), theory 2 (advanced), upper extremity techniques, lower extremity and spine exercises, injury management, myofascial routine.

The certification and seminars are the same education courses. The difference lies in the credentials received from taking the course. The certification allows the credentialed student to instruct the information learned and use the Roll Release™ designation.

Seminars are available for non-health and fitness professionals to gain a comprehensive knowledge on rolling and practical experience to apply it to their own health and fitness lifestyle. The seminars are intended to educate those interested in rolling and empower them with the information required to perform foam roller myofascial release techniques without instruction. Consideration will be made for those without a health and fitness designation wishing to instruct on Roll Release™ Techniques.

Please contact info@rollrelease.com for more information or to request consideration for the certification.

Certifications are available for health and fitness professionals with a health and fitness designation (i.e. personal trainer, kinesiologist, strength and conditioning specialists, massage therapist, athletic therapist, chiropractor, physiotherapist, medical doctor, etc.). Proof of your professional designation will be required.