Frequently Asked Questions

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Q: What makes the Roll Release™ System premier?

A: The program and exercises are standardized, individualized, strategic, comprehensive, versatile, variable, guaranteed, empowering, effective, safe, and economical. For more information, review the ‘Advantages’ section of the website.

Q: How do I sign-up for a Seminar?

A: Register online through the Roll Release™ website. Methods of payments accepted are VISA, MC or AMEX. To pay by cash or Cheque, please contact to make arrangements.

Q: Who can take the Roll Release™ Seminar?

A: Anyone interested can take the Roll Release™ Seminars.

Attendees without a health and fitness professional designation will take the courses as educational seminars. Health and Fitness professionals that have credentials or those pursuing education in their field can take the courses and become certified.

This would include, but is not limited to, Certified Personal Trainers and Strength and Conditioning Specialists, Chiropractors, Physiotherapists, Massage Therapists, Certified Athletic Trainers, and Medical Doctors.

Q: Why Roll Release™ for a Non-health and Fitness Professional?

A: Roll Release™ Seminars provide a wealth of knowledge and the hands-on education of Roll Release™ exercises provides tools to empower oneself to take care of one’s own health, muscle tightness and/or muscle pain.

Q: Why Roll Release™ for the Health Professional?

A: The practical information learned through the seminars offers an excellent tool to complement client treatment and maximize the treatment results.

Q: Why Roll Release™ for the Fitness Professional?

A: Roll Release exercises are very effective to increase mobility and flexibility. Further, it is an excellent tool to manage muscular discomfort and pain felt in workouts.

Q: How does one become ‘Certified’?

A: Health and Fitness professionals become ‘Certified’ in the region of the body that they have been instructed.

They must complete full attendance of each certification components: Theory, Upper Extremity, Spine and Lower Extremity.

However, should an attendee fail to attend the full hours of the seminar, they will be required to attend that time at another seminar before becoming ‘certified’.

Q: What is the benefit of becoming ‘Certified’?

A: Health and Fitness professionals that become certified are permitted to use the material learned to instruct others on the Roll Release™ exercises or routines taught in the Seminar.

Certification allows the certified Instructor to: use the Roll Release™ name & logo, instruct others on the Roll Release™ Techniques material, instruct in a certified Roll Release™ facility, be listed on the website, perform retail sales of Roll Release™ products and become a Master Instructor to instruct the Roll Release™ Seminars.

Q: How does a Certified Instructor get listed online?

A: The online Instructor Directory is a voluntary listing of certified Roll Release™ Instructors.

There is a registration fee that is used to assist with website management and program promotion which helps the program gain the popularity, awareness and success.

Please contact to set up your online Instructor Directory.

Q: What does Full Body Certified mean?

A: The attendee must complete full attendance of each certification component: Theory, Upper Extremity, Spine and Lower Extremity.

Once they have taken the Theory, Spine & Lower Extremity and Upper Extremity courses with full attendance, they are considered Full Body Certified.

However, should an attendee fail to attend the full hours of the seminar, they will be required to attend that time at another seminar before becoming ‘certified’.

The Certified Instructor must attend the full seminar series and become full body certified to qualify for advanced seminars.

Q: What is involved with a Roll Release™ Seminar?

A: The Roll Release™ Seminars generally run on the weekend with the exception of the Theory seminar sometimes being held on the Friday night before your first Roll Release™ Seminar. The course will begin with lecture on rolling theory with a small practical component. The remainder of the course will be comprised of 90 percent hands-on work and 10 percent lecture on practical implications. The Seminar Instructor will present each exercise, there will be a demonstration and then the group will break into pairs or practice individually and ask questions. The instructor will evaluate each person performing each exercise. There will be a 1-hour lunch at the mid point of the day.

Q: What can be expected at a Roll Release™ Seminar?

A: The seminar will teach the participants how to roll at the major muscles in the region of the body that the course covers.

The seminar is supplemented with a 150-page comprehensive bound Roll Release™ exercise manual.

The supplemental guide is complete with over 220 colour images that demonstrate and explain each exercise and its variations.

Q: Do attendees need to bring anything to the Roll Release™ Seminar?

A: The seminar attendee will receive the Roll Release™ Techniques manual which is included in the registration fee. This course material will be available upon arrival to the facility. A Release Roller™ foam roller will be available for attendees to purchase upon sign-up. Alternatively, attendees with be required to bring their own foam roller. It is recommended that the attendee bring a yoga mat or alternative exercise mat with them if they wish not to have direct contact with the floor during the seminar. It is recommended that attendees wear workout/exercise attire.

Q: Is there a specific order the Core Seminars should be taken in?

A: The Spine & Lower Extremity seminar should be taken first. The Spine & Lower Body seminar is less complex in terms of body positioning and difficulty. It is also best as the Theory component will be held in conjunction with this course. The Upper Extremity course should be taken second.

Although it is not recommended, the Upper Extremity seminar can be taken first. It is recommended that arrangements be made to attend the Theory seminar component first to adequately learn proper technique and grasp a firm understanding on the basis behind rolling. This will likely be applicable to those that have Upper Extremity muscle rolling most relevant to their career or personal needs.

Q: How close together can I take the Seminars?

A: The Seminars can be taken as closely together as an attendee requires or can schedule.

However, it is recommended that person take time to practice or implement some level of instruction to gain a keen grip on the material before continuing their education.

Q: How early should I sign up for a Seminar?

A: It is recommended that seminar participants sign up at least 4-6 weeks before a course starts to ensure a spot in the course.

Q: What does a ‘Recert’ mean?

A: The term ‘recert’ or recertification pertains to anyone who is taking a particular Roll Release™ Seminar again.

Recerts are available for anyone wishing to further their knowledge, fine tune their skills or just to refresh their previous education.

It is highly recommended to recertify to keep knowledge fresh and updated and to ask questions.

Q: What is the re-certification process?

A: The Certified Instructor will sign-up as they have done previously with the exception of not adding a book or foam roller to their fee as it is assumed that they already have the products.

Instructors that are Full Body Certified are required to recertify every 2 years. They can participate in any basic or advanced Roll Release™ Seminar to re-certify. Roll Release™ requires Certified Instructors to take a course once every 2 years to maintain their status as a Certified Roll Release™ Instructor.

We request this of our Certified Instructors to ensure that they are up to date on current information and exercise execution. Information changes and new exercises or alternate variations are developed over time. We pride ourselves in our standardization of exercises and instruction.

When we refer a client to a Certified Roll Release™ Instructor or the Instructors found on the Roll Release™ website, we can feel confident that they will received the proper instruction and training

Q: Are there prerequisites for the Injuries and Myofascial Routine Courses?

A: Providers must already be Full Body Certified (Theory 1, Upper Extremity and Spine & Lower Extremity courses) before they can take the Roll Release™ Advanced Courses.

Q: Are student discounts or special rates available?

A: There are no student discounts or special rates.

Q: Can the Roll Release™ Techniques manuals be purchased separately from the seminars?

A: Yes. The manuals and the DVDs are sold separately.

We do highly recommend that the instructional material be supplemental to the seminars to ensure proper execution of the exercises.

However for those that do not take the seminar, the instruction material can be adequate for learning the basics.

Q: Are Continuing Education Credits (CECs) available for each Roll Release™ Seminar?

A: The Roll Release™ Techniques Theory / Spine & Lower Extremity Seminar is approved for 8 AFLCA CECs and 4 Can-Fit-Pro CECs.

Q: How important is the knowledge of anatomy when taking a Roll Release™ Seminar?

A: We encourage all of our attendees to have a good working knowledge of anatomy when deciding on taking a Roll Release™ seminar. Attendees need to able to locate the muscles other structures related to the Roll Release™ exercises.

The seminar will briefly review the relevant anatomy.

Q: If I can't take a Seminar that I signed up for can I transfer to another course?

A: If you would like to transfer your course fees to a different seminar, you are able to do so without penalty if the transfer occurs 30 days before the course start date.

You will have 12 months from the registration date to use the credit. After 12 months from the registration date, the credit will be voided.

Q: What is the cancelation policy?

A: Cancelations must be made at least 30 days prior to the seminar start date to receive a full refund.

All cancelations made less than 30 days prior to the seminar start date will be refunded, minus a $25 cancelation fee.

Refunds will be applied to the original credit card or by the original form of payment only.

Q: How do I become certified as a Roll Release™ Seminar Instructor?

A: Full Body Certified Roll Release™ Instructors must complete the Roll Release™ Seminar Series a second time (i.e. recert all core and advanced seminars) to become eligible to become a Roll Release Seminar Instructor.

Once the prerequisites are achieved, the Certified Instructor may apply for consideration.