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Theory - Basic

Theory level 1 covers standard rolling information and basic theory on foam roller myofascial release. The information presented in this seminar should provide the attendee with complete knowledge and comprehension of rolling and Roll Release foam roller techniques.

Topics include:
Rolling specifics: why roll, how to roll, rolling intensity, who can roll, when to roll, where to roll, rolling frequency and duration, what to roll and rolling limitations.
Rolling terminology
The muscle tightness spectrum with reviews the causes and effects of muscle tightness
Comparison and analysis of various roller features and different rolling tools
Comparison of rolling with stretching, exercise and therapy

Spine and Lower Extremity

This practical, interactive hands-on seminar will cover Roll Release foam roller techniques for 20 muscles of the spine and lower extremity.

Learn how to roll all the major muscles of the neck, upper back, low back, pelvis and legs. Plus, learn 4-8 regression and progression versions of each technique and many variation strategies to individualize the techniques.

The seminar is complemented with the 190-page comprehensive, coil-bound Roll Release™ Foam Roller Techniques book complete with over 220 colour photo images that demonstrate and explain each foam roller technique for 20 muscles of the spine and lower extremity as well as the variation, regression and progression techniques.

Theory - Advanced


Upper Extremity




RR Myofascial Routine


RR for Injuries


Active RR Techniques