The Advantage

The Roll Release™ Foam Roller System, the individual foam roller techniques and routines and educational material are:


The Roll Release™ program covers foam rolling techniques for all major muscles in the body. Each muscle has numerous technique versions: regression techniques to make the exercise easier and minimum of 3 progression techniques to cater to individuals requiring more aggressive release.


A specific technique is utilized to maintain consistency and effectiveness. With this system you can be ensured that the techniques are safe and effective myofascial release techniques.


There are many bony and soft-tissue structures that must be avoided when rolling. Additionally, body positions can compromise soft tissue and structures of the nervous system. Roll Release™ Techniques takes these variables into account in the body positions. Also, the body positions and posture utilized reinforce proper alignment of the body to maintain stability and educate on correct posture.


Every technique has numerous positional variations to ensure comfort and effectiveness. There is an array of strategies to alter or vary the techniques that allow Roll Release™ Techniques to accommodate to the person rolling. This is advantageous as it allows anyone to learn and apply rolling to their health and fitness routine and allows instructors to gain the knowledge and tools to apply to clients with diverse levels of health and fitness.


There are numerous progressive and regressive technique protocols and strategies to meet the needs and demands of the individual rolling. The Roll Release™ Techniques can be performed at any skill level, physical ability and tolerance with modifications that accommodate for physical limitations and weaknesses.


Rolling is an extremely cost-effective strategy for self management of muscle tightness and pain. This successful method for myofascial release is cost effective in terms of cost, space, equipment and time requirements. The cost is that of the roller and any educational medium such as seminars, classes, books and DVDs. The space necessary is small, and a living room, office or gym floor will be adequate. The equipment needed is just the foam roller; although some individuals may require additional tools such as a yoga or exercise mat, yoga blocks and/or a foot roller.

Further, the cost of rolling is equivalent to or less than that cost associated with a handful of myofascial release treatments.


The Roll Release™ Techniques are strategically designed for safe, effective muscle release without compromising associated bone, joint or muscular structures making them an excellent strategy for health, fitness and rehabilitation. The technique demands proper pressure management and body position to prevent trauma to the areas rolled.


The Roll Release™ Techniques are proven foam roller myofascial release techniques whereby the technique maximizes effectiveness and results.


The techniques, experience and knowledge obtained from the seminars and educational materials provide a person with the ability to manage muscle tightness and pain. You will learn techniques and information that will last a lifetime.


When the foam roller techniques are Roll Release™ Techniques, you can be assured that the foam rolling taught will provide safe, effective myofascial release. Consistency will travel with the Roll Release™ name and a standardized method of foam rolling.