About Roll Release™

Roll Release™ is a term coined to describe the act or process of myofascial release by way of foam rolling.

Roll Release™ Foam Roller System

The Roll Release™ System is a standardized approach to foam rolling, utilizing a specific method that is strategically designed for safe, effective myofascial release.

As the growth of rolling has increased, so has the need for learning how to roll and the requirement for a standardized rolling technique. This demand initiated the development of the Roll Release™ Foam Roller System that is intended to standardize foam rolling muscle release techniques, create an awareness and understanding of the benefits of rolling and instill proper technique for correctly performing foam roller techniques. This is achieved through an educational system which offers an array of certifications, seminars, personal instruction and workshops and instructional medium such as books and DVDs.

Roll Release™ Techniques

Roll Release™ Techniques refers to foam roller myofascial release techniques that utilize the specific Roll Release™ method of rolling.

Roll Release™ Myofascial Routine

The Roll Release™ Myofascial Routine refers to Roll Release™ Techniques or foam roller techniques utilized in routines intending to release muscles with a strategic approach of releasing myofascial chains as explained by Thomas M. Myers in his book Anatomy Trains.