What Is Rolling?


Rolling is the act of maneuvering a foam roller or round object on a muscle. It is an extremely successful, proven therapeutic exercise for loosening or ‘releasing’ tight or painful muscles to:

  • Improve flexibility
  • Manage muscle pain
  • Increase muscle recovery
  • Maximize muscle performance

Rolling and the use of foam rollers have been around for well over 10 years, but have increased exponentially in the past few years. New rollers have surfaced in an effort to meets the demands of the many different people that roll and the volume of rolling. With such an array of people rolling, a wide variety of rollers have been created to match the skill and aggressiveness of the individual rolling. These rollers have also been designed to be more durable to offset the wear and tear (i.e. shape alteration) on the roller that a high volume and load produces. Further, newer rollers have been introduced to accommodate the active, mobile lifestyle that many athletes are engaged in.


The term ‘release’ is used to describe the act or process of loosening tight muscles or breaking down scar tissue associated with muscle trauma and injury.

Myofascial Release

The term ‘myofascial’ is used when discussing muscle and the fascia that envelopes it. These two soft-tissues are directly related and intertwined in the body. The fascial envelope is a connective tissue that not only surrounds muscle but connects corresponding muscles in a linking chain from head to toe.

Using myofascial release techniques to reduce the tightness of the muscles can aid in preventing injuries and performing daily activities and maximize sport performance.